Gig List

Gigs differ from projects in that gigs are first and foremost work for other people. There is some overlap, where I work on something for money that I also like or believe is important (which is the kind of gig I like best), or where I get paid to do something I was at least leaning toward doing anyway (generally the kind of project I like best). Be forewarned that the distinctions are fuzzy at times.

At present, I only have two past gigs listed, because one was recently (as of this writing) published and is fresh in my mind and the other was a significant part of my life for several years. I will probably add more later.

Past Writing

I have done writing for money via various professional relationships in the past. I will list such gigs here only if they are no longer active working arrangements. Only two gigs are currently listed.

Raging Swan - So What's the Hoard Like, Anyway?

Raging Swan is an independent third-party publisher of supplemental materials for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (which I play quite a bit). Raging Swan's proprietor (Creighton Broadhurst) retained my services as a writer/designer on the development of one of those products, So What's the Hoard Like, Anyway? I was one of two writer/designers, along with Thomas King.

One of the more prolific and popular RPG product reviewers on the Internet (and one of the more articulate as well), under the name "Endzeitgeit", reviewed this product at the website for Paizo Publishing, the publisher of Pathfinder RPG, and gave it a full five stars out of five. In the midst of his listing of quirky and interesting elements of the book's content, I was gratified to see that it looks like every one of the listed elements was something I contributed to the final product, though having read my own copy of the product I see that Thomas King did an excellent job as well.

To be perfectly fair, I must point out that the pickled eggs were my Significant Other's idea.

I had a lot of fun with this gig, and would consider doing something like it again, especially given the positive reception it has gotten so far.

TechRepublic - Regular Contributor

For half a dozen years, I was a TechRepublic contributing writer. Before the format change from its organization like a tech news site to the newer columnist/blogger format, I contributed occasional articles on a variety of subjects. After the format change, I spent about half a decade with a commitment for a minimum set number of articles per month.

Some time after CBS acquired TechRepublic's parent company, corporate reorganization came with a redefinition of the requirements contributors must meet to be eligible to write for TechRepublic. In the summer of 2011, those requirements rendered me ineligible to continue contributing, as I would have had to provide documentation it was not my right to share. We parted ways at that point, though I am still an active member of the TechRepublic user community.

Note that the columns following have at times changed names or been reorganized.

IT Security Column

For most of my time as a contributor, I was TechRepublic's primary IT Security writer, with a commitment of eight articles per month. During that time, I built a loyal following and a strong reputation, both of which carried over to my Open Source and Software Development column contributions.

Open Source Column

In the last year of my time as a contributor, I took on a commitment of four articles per month for the Open Source column.

Software Development Column

In the last year of my time as a contributor, I took on a commitment of two articles per month for the Software Development column.