Chad L. Perrin
Loveland, CO
I'm a software developer looking for Ruby or C programming employment.

Selected Skills

I have acquired and practiced a number of other skills, including several unlisted programming languages, that are not relevant to my preferred career path at this time. I would be happy to discuss some of them with employers interested in me for above mentioned development and peripheral skills.

Selected Experience (Fort Collins, CO and Telecommute)

Radial Development Group (Loveland, CO and Telecommute)

Consulting, Nonprofit, and Open Source (Fort Collins, CO)

TechRepublic Contributor (Telecommute)

I contributed articles on a regular schedule covering matters of both principle and practical utility, on technical subjects. I maintained community engagement, minimized staff copy editing, and thoroughly tested solutions against real-world conditions. This ultimately culminated in a corpus of hundreds of articles, on a fourteen articles per month schedule, that exceeded expectations for depth of analysis.

Wikimedia Foundation (St. Petersburg and Tampa, FL)