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More Of Me:

More About Me:

I am an irklord.


Hi. My name is Chad. I am an irklord.

  • irklord (n.): someone cynically irked who talks about irksome things, especially on IRC; a chronically irked cynic

  • irked (adj.): annoyed, irritated, wearied, and/or vexed

  • cynic (adj.): an idealist who has learned from experience

I credit Westernesse with coining the term "irklord", with these IRC comments (edited to leave out some intervening messages and otherwise make it fit in):

<+Westernesse> What's cooking, irklords?

<+apotheon> What's an "irklord"?

<+Westernesse> A pun on irc, edgelord, and irksome, I guess.

Despite this, I do try to be a bit more gentle in outward demeanor. It is a constant struggle. I want to focus more on the positive, and bring some of that to others. I enjoy some of my expressions of vexation even if I do not enjoy the vexations themselves. I even find that sympathy from another person for the irksome things I encounter in life is a strong indicator of a kindred spirit in some sense.

I also believe that, without some tendency to judge the irksome qualities of things, we would not strive much to improve them. Uncritical acceptance of the world as it is, with all its flaws, is a recipe for stagnation. Worse, it can erode the value that already exists in the world.

We often need to be irked by irksome things to find the drive to improve on them.